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Upgrading from 1.6.x to 2.0.x


Version 2.0 marks a major file milestone in this project, under the new name of "Factory Muffin". We see a large number of improvements and some breaking changes. Within this section of the upgrading guide, you will see "the xyz function can be called". You should assume that these functions should be called statically on the League\FactoryMuffin\Facade class.

Class Name Changes

Every class has moved, so here's a summary of the changes:

A detailed list of every change with FQCNs is listed below:

It also should be noted that we've moved from PSR-0 to PSR-4 for autoloading.

Facade Changes

Under it's new name, the facade class now uses __callStatic to dynamically call the underlying factory instance. Also, note that all public methods that would have returned void, return the factory instance in order to support method chaining.

Factory Definitions

Having a public static factory property is no longer supported. You must use the define function introduced in the 1.5.x series. You may call it like this: League\FactoryMuffin\Facade::define('Fully\Qualifed\ModelName', array('foo' => 'bar')). We have provided a nifty way for you to do this in your tests. PHPUnit provides a setupBeforeClass function. Within that function you can call League\FactoryMuffin\Facade::loadFactories(__DIR__ . '/factories');, and it will include all files in the factories folder. Within those php files, you can put your definitions (all your code that calls the define function). The loadFactories function will throw a League\FactoryMuffin\Exceptions\DirectoryNotFoundException exception if the directory you're loading is not found. A full example is included in the readme.

Generator (Kind) Changes

We now refer to what were previously the kind classes, as generator classes. We've removed some of these in favour of the faker alternatives. We currently provide the following generators: Call, Closure, Factory, and Generic. The call, closure, and factory generators have not changed significantly since previous versions, and the generic generator still provides access to the faker generators. The closure generator will now pass the instance of your model into your closure as the first parameter too.

There are two syntax changes to watch out for:

The removed generators are Date, Integer, Name, String, and Text, however, these are still callable as they are available through the generic generator using faker. Here are some possible changes you will need to make:

It should be noted that we are using faker 1.4 which is a change since the previous release. We've made a more strict version requirement to avoid potential BC breaks caused by faker.

Creating And Seeding

The create function can be called in the same way, but has internal improvements. Now, it will also save anything you generate with the Factory generator too. We now have a new function called seed, which accepts an additional argument at the start which is the number of models to generate in the process. The seed function will effectively be calling the create function over and over. It should be noted that you can set a custom save function before you get going with the setSaveMethod function. Also, a reminder that the instance function is still available if you don't want database persistence.

You may encounter the following exceptions:

There are 2 other helper functions available. You may call saved to return an array of all the saved objects. You may call isSaved with an instance of a model to check if it's saved.


You can now delete all your saved models with the deleteSaved function. It should be noted that you can set a custom delete function before you get going with the setDeleteMethod function.

If one or more models cannot be deleted, a League\FactoryMuffin\Exceptions\DeletingFailedException will be raised after we have attempted to delete all the saved models. You may access each underlying exception, in the order they were thrown during the whole process, with the getExceptions function which will return an array of exceptions. You may encounter the following exceptions:

It's recommended that you call the deleteSaved function from PHPUnit's tearDownAfterClass function. A full example is included in the readme.


The exceptions have been completely overhauled. Each exception is documented with the documentation for the functions that throw them.

You can see a diagram showing the exception hierarchy here:


Other BC Breaks

The attributesFor function no longer accepts a class name as the first argument, and the generateAttr function no longer accepts a class name as a second argument. Please pass an actual model instance to both functions instead.

We now require php 5.3.3 as a minimum version. This is an increase on our previous requirement of php 5.3.0.

Installing This Version

In your composer.json, add:

    "require-dev": {
        "league/factory-muffin": "2.0.*"